The Mildenhall Legacy is a fiction novel based in the southwestern U.S. with some scenes in Paris, the Middle East, and Africa. Twenty-two-year-old Eve Chambers travels across the country to complete her education but quickly runs out of money. Eve becomes a truck driver to earn a living. On her travels, she meets people she never knew were in her family. She discovers she is heir to the Mildenhall oil fortune. This newfound wealth fills Eve’s bank account but offers new challenges, questions, and obstacles.

“This book aims to present a story where my protagonist seeks opportunity and takes others with her on her journey,” Sipes said. “This new wealth does not alter her core values. Her life can resonate with people from the humble to the revered.”

The book is aimed at truck drivers, military service members, higher education students, and homemakers. The Mildenhall Legacy is educational through the storyline regarding the U.S. Military, aspects of higher education, and the transportation industry.

The book contains themes of ambition, forgiveness, redemption, and sacrifice, helping readers focus on their choices and clarify values. The story is of universal interest because it appeals to a broad audience. It expresses individuality because of different philosophies of life and has an element of suggestion. Story scenarios apply to the lives of many readers.

“Well,” Trish hesitated for effect. “I found this man beside me. What do you think he’s worth?” P. 59, Paragraph 6


“He awoke at 2:15 a.m. There was a text message on his cell phone. When Eve had called, Delmer wasn’t available to answer. The text read, “Good night sweet prince, your secret is safe, we did have Flagstaff – Eve.” P. 86, Paragraph 16


“Sounds like fun,” she answered, “I’ll call my husband and ask if I can attend!” As she said this, Eve smiled and winked. P. 179, Paragraph 2

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